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Lab Rotations

Part of our program training model include having students participate in joining, conducting and exposing to different researches labs and environments, exchanging knowledges and gaining experiences, that is oversee and advised by the faculty. This really allows students to learn different technical skills, effectively communicate and learning different approaches to solve problems and other real-world applications, in a rich-diverse environment. Student are strongly encouraged and welcomed to initiate in presenting their ideas, their researches at events or posters talk as well.


Students partake in attending workshops that planned by the program and the interdisciplinary departments. The workshops are designed to help students with their professional development, careers seeking in either academia and other industries, and post-PhD career paths. Workshops are designed for students to further expand and exchange their knowledges, as well as to further develop their work and research skills. Workshops such as mock-interview prepare students with their interviewing skills and jobs search. With other workshops available such as grant-writing, live demo/hand-on experiments workshops, alumni-networking, public speaking skills (student-facilitated event), branding, mentoring and advising session, and progress assessment with the faculty members. Workshops are available in different variety, every quarter. (Workshops schedule will also be updated on the event pages)

Extensive Colloquium & Seminar Series

Students attend the colloquium hosted by various departments and then attend the discussion/tea session afterward for chances to speak and interact with the invited speakers within the academic field or other industries background knowledges and experiences. Through such events, students are also able to network with the speakers, the students, scientists, faculty and researchers from their own fields and different fields. Colloquium is offered in a wide range of subjects in the STEM fields and the seminar series are updated on our event pages on a weekly basis.

In addition to this, MENTOR-students are required to submit the summary of the seminars that they have attended.

Please see below, master list of seminars from interdisciplinary-departments:

W20 Relevance Seminar

S20 Relevance Seminar (due to Covid-19, lot of seminars format have postponed/delayed/changed)

F20 Relevance Seminar *updating*

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