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NRT-HDR: Modeling and Understanding Human Behavior: Harnessing Data from Genes to Social Networks

Program Locations: UCLA | Subject Area: Data Science

Application deadline: [date/time, 2019] (Application page for New Academic Year will be available soon) | Status: In Progress

Students from these different areas/disciplines may apply:

(need list of majors)

  • Computer Sciences
  • Mathematical
  • Psychology
  • Cognitive Sciences
  • Biological Sciences

Application requirements:

  1. Transcript or DPR
  2. One Reference letter from the primary mentor and a second reference letter for a secondary mentor who must be from a different research layer and core area than the primary mentor
  3. CV/Resume of the applicant indicating citizenship/residency status
  4. Research statement about what the student will work on with primary and secondary mentors
  5. List of courses taken at UCLA and planned courses to be taken to satisfy the program course requirements

Incoming PhD students can request the advisor to submit their graduation application package to the program.

Application Materials Required:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Research Statement
  4. Transcript or PDR
  5. List of courses relevant to the program
  6. Two reference letters (submitted in the Application website posted above)

If you have any admissions question, please contact:

Andrea Berotzzi and Wei Wang | ;