Month: June 2022

NRT ’21-’22 cohort outdoor group dinner!

Team dinner! After the NRT industry speaker session, Prof. Bertozzi and Prof. Wang has hosted group dinner for the NRT students where everyone met to casually talk about their research, exchanging ideas and projects, as well as discussing about other program activities and opportunities that allow them to excel and collaborate together. Attiano Purpura-Pontoniere, (Lockheed.

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NRT Industry Speaker session: Dr. Luo (Google)

051722 We are pleased and honored to have Dr. Xiyang Luo, senior software engineer from Google joining us. Title: A Case Study of end-to-end Learning for Image to Image Applications Abstract:Recently, deep neural networks have made great strides in improving the performance of many image to image tasks. In this talk, I will present two.

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Career Workshop: LinkedIn + Interview Workshop

Throughout this Spring quarter, NRT have also continued to 2 professional career workshop for the NRT students. Our workshop lecture is professionally given by Dr. Brown, Kirstie & Elaine from the UCLA Career Center. This quarter, 2 of the workshop focused on building professional LinkedIn profile and helpful tips to prepare for interview.

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