Welcome to UCLA NRT Mentor Program

MENTOR program is a new National Science Foundation Research Traineeship awarded to UCLA (Award #1829071) implemented and designed to focus on recruiting and training graduate students in interdisciplinary research, at the intersection of data science, mathematics, cryptography, artificial intelligence, genomics, behavior science, and social science, using comprehensive training models including cross-department courses, lab rotations, professional development workshop that prepare student to develop skills, knowledges to STEM careers.

Our training program on ModEling and uNdersTanding human behaviOR (MENTOR): harnessing data from genes to social networks, draws upon a core group of interdisciplinary faculty researchers and teachers across the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Statistics, the College of Social Sciences, and the School of Medicine, to create an interdisciplinary team for this Harnessing the Data Revolution for 21st Century Science and Engineering (HDR) program.

A confluence of technologies is transforming the biological, environmental, and social sciences into data-intensive sciences. Our MENTOR program offers unique opportunities to train future scientists to develop and deploy new mathematical models, analytical methods, and application tools that directly address the challenges in managing, analyzing and integrating new and diverse types of data and knowledge across scientific and engineering applications.

The program consists of 4 research thrust layers & core areas.

Our 4 research thrust layers:

  1. Genomics & Genetics
  2. Brain imaging & multi-modal prediction
  3. Mobile sensing and Individual Behaviors
  4. Social networks

These layers then interconnected through 3 core areas:

  1. Mathematical Modeling and Network Analysis
  2. Scalable Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics
  3. Biomedical Applications and Social Outcomes